Quiet Town

Quiet Town Cover

Attracted by the mysterious promise of redemption and catharsis, Quiet Town is visited only by the desperate, the weak, the damaged, and the insane. Such visitors do not leave. The few lucky enough to find the closure that they seek, the few that manage to fight their way to that pot of gold and the end of a bleak, grey, rainbow, ascend silently into the night sky. Most, instead, are struck down in their quest, rot into the ground, and become a part of the throbbing ebb of Quiet Towns geoconsciousness.

In a somewhat cynical analysis of gaming culture, Quiet Town pays homage to the Silent Hill franchise, and considers hubris, introversion, and snuff.


Three young men become unwitting witnesses to the murder of a local girl, and must work to unravel the mystery of her death, and pursue her killer.

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