About Ben

Ben A Albon studied at Keele University, reading Philosophy and Computer Science, between 2004 and 2007, where a chance encounter with the works of Murakami stoked the embers of aspiration to be an author into a fiery passion to simply write.

In September 2011, and after seven years of hard work, and six weeks of furious editing, Ben signed off on his debut novel: Lest a Monster You Become. Putting his BSc in Computer Science to good use, he self-published releases in kindle, and ePub format.

When he isn't tethered to a keyboard, Ben can usually be found playing point and click adventures on the ps3, watching bizarre Japanese animation, and encouraging girls in hot pants, and on roller skates, to beat on other girls in hot pants, and on roller skates (this isn't creepy, because if it was, the girls on roller skates would likely beat on him).