Lest a Monster You Become

Lest a Monster you become - Cover

Beware he who fights monsters,
lest a monster you become.
As you stare into the abyss,
the abyss stares back at you.

- Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good & Evil

Lest a Monster you Become is Ben A Albon's debut novel: a grotesque coming of age story that blends romance, horror and surrealism. It draws on existential and Jungian themes common to Otaku culture and blends them with a black humour and bleak realism that is quintessentially British, to create a world that is neither here nor there.


Three adolescent girls pull at the heartstrings of Michael, a confused teenage boy who dreams of nightmare creatures. A car crash liberates him from parental control, but with the universe unravelling, and horrors gnawing at the edges of his vision, freedom is no paradise.

Miss Mayumi, Michael's homeroom teacher, having knowingly succumbed to her insecurities, is not without her own daemons. Where Michael fights with tooth and nail, Mayumi conquers with logic and maturity, and takes her first steps on a path of resolution: only to be tripped by a man so invested in occult vendettas that he has let his paranoia consume him.

Unwittingly entangled in a feud between warring sects of a clandestine society, and with shadows all around him, Michael must steel his moral fortitude, storm the dungeon, fight the monster, and find the princess (who may or may not be in another castle).

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