Once Upon A Beast - Issue Four (Gender)

Once Upon a Beast is an online magazine, but deliberately designed to give the impression of a physical medium. It welcomes contributions from writers, artists, designers, photographers and illustrators, and lovingly collates these contributions to emphasise storytelling, moral importance, and visual beauty.

Issue four is the Gender issue, in which Ben confesses to a fear of strippers.


"Once upon a beast is essentially a printed magazine, but online. There is a layout and an order and the feel of turning and flicking through pages. An online magazine means less waste, more accessibility and the opportunity to use film and movement. Most online magazines take the form of a blog or generally have a completely different feel to a printed magazine. It's just not the same. It can't be. But I want to try for what I miss in a digital format. I want visual beauty, but about things that matter, and with a strong element of storytelling.. Things that matter include sustainability & ethical living, personal emotion & memory, history, future, science...er...almost anything. Issue 4 is the Gender issue." - Emmie Joseph (editor)

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