November - Ben A Albon

The living dead walk among us.
They hide behind pin-stripe suits, and in the corner of our vision, but they are everywhere.
On our streets, on our televisions, at our workplaces, littered about the peripheries of our lives.
They stand just out of reach, pulling the strings that dance the world.
And once you see them, you can never look away, and they will never leave you alone.
They corrupt our families, and our friends, and if we are not careful: they will corrupt us as well.
The only reasonable response? Violence, incarceration, and madness.
So close your ears and listen only to your heart. Close your eyes and swing your weapons wildly into the night.
Be bold. Be brave. Be self-certain.


By following the testimony of a paranoid and insane young man, November explains the reactions of two students who suddenly discover the world to be ridden with the walking dead.

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